About us


Guangzhou Junnan Audiovisual Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative industry and trade integrated enterprise specializing in paperless conference system. The headquarter is located in Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Airport New City. Institutions, troops, banks, schools, training institutions, hospitals, enterprises and institutions provide paperless system products and audio and video solutions. The company integrates the research and development of paperless central server, paperless conference system software, ultra-thin LCD screen lifter, anti-pinch hand overturner, flip-up computer desk, hand in hand microphone, ink and ink electronic table card and multimedia socket and other equipment , Production and maintenance in one, with a high-quality, high-level, high-efficiency technical production and sales service team, in paperless office, paperless teaching, paperless tax and other types of "paperless" increasingly Today, we are helping our customers to upgrade to digital audio-visual intelligent and paperless, get rid of the shortcomings of time-consuming and inefficient in traditional conference courses, and keep up with the development trend of "Internet +" smart office education.