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The sound reinforcement system is usually a system that amplifies the speaker's voice in real time to the listener. The speaker and the listener are usually in the same acoustic environment. A successful sound reinforcement system must have sufficient loudness (sufficient sound gain) and sufficient reduction (low loss of speech consonant reduction percentage), and can make the sound evenly cover the listener, but at the same time not cover the area without listeners .

Digital frequency shift technology, super anti-howling, mellow and stable sound, no floating and dry phenomenon;

Super stable: Built-in crystal oscillator, software algorithm, stable performance, little temperature and external interference.

This system has comprehensive functions and can use different operation modes to manage conference discussions according to the different requirements of users. It can be connected to a computer for operation or can work independently from a computer. The system control mode is selected by the host panel: computer control mode and host control mode. The power of the host computer is 100W. A single host can carry 60 sets of delegate/chairman units, and the communication capacity of a single host plus expansion can reach up to 240 units.

Type: Capacitive
Directivity: single-directivity
Frequency response: 60 Hz -14 Hz

Service Hotline: 020-36775160

JN-169C Chairman Unit:

Built-in speaker: 8Q 2W 070mm
Type: Capacitive
Directivity: Single Directivity

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