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Guangzhou Junnan Audio-visual Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative industrial and trade integrated enterprise specializing in paperless conference systems. Its headquarter is located in Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Airport New City. It meets the needs of high-quality, efficient and environmentally Military units, banks, schools, hospitals and enterprises and institutions provide paperless office system products and solutions.

The company integrates the research and development of paperless central server, paperless conference system software, ultra-thin LCD screen lifter, anti-pinch hand flipper, flip type computer desk, hand in hand microphone, ink electronic table card, multimedia socket and other equipment research and development , Production and sales service teams are helping our customers to upgrade to digital audio, visual, intelligent, and paperless in today's days when all kinds of "paperless" such as paperless office, paperless teaching, and paperless taxation are emerging. Get rid of the disadvantages of time-consuming, laborious and low-efficiency in traditional conference courses, and keep up with the development trend of "Internet +" smart office education and training.

Ten years of development:

In the early spring of 2011, in the early spring of Xinmao, Guangzhou Junnan Audio-visual Technology Co., Ltd. was established and officially entered the audio and video engineering industry, specializing in the production of LCD lifter flippers, electronic display table cards and multimedia sockets and other conference audio-visual equipment, participated in industry exhibitions and launched Ali In the international station, the left hand is domestic sales and the right hand is foreign trade.

In 2014, after years of painstaking research and polishing technology, Junnan JUNNAN brand ultra-thin LCD screen lifters and flippers were launched. The foreign trade department also began to bring products to foreign exhibitions to directly face customers, further opening up modern high-end office The conference market, the same year, the factory and office moved to the Edwin Industrial Park to keep up with the pace of constant travel.


In 2016, seeing the rise and popularity of paperless conference systems, we have mobilized to recruit talents in response to the trend, and continue to join professionals such as organic-electric integration and electronic information engineering to become a part of Junnan. Leadership, engineering, factory and business departments worked together to develop and improve the paperless multimedia interactive conference system with our own characteristics. At that time, it was in the fields of professional sound reinforcement system, central control system, splicing large screen system, remote video system, etc. There are also dabbling.

2019: With the continuous increase in business volume, the company has developed and expanded better. After increasing the registration bonus, our company first stationed the business department in the commercial office building at the subway entrance, and secondly renovated the factory to increase the production line capacity. Hard sweat will inevitably be exchanged for fruitful fruits, and Junnan has set a record high in this year's performance.

2020: Gengzi's fleeting years, the epidemic rages domestic and foreign difficulties. However, after ten years of accumulation and accumulation, we have now become a leader in the industry. We can produce and develop a variety of audio-visual equipment and undertake the design of various audio-visual projects, which greatly offset the impact and make steady progress. Guangzhou Junnan Audio-visual has We are confident that we will help each other from all corners of the country, Europe, America, and the Middle East, to help us through the storms. Let us work together to continue to move towards a new world of modern intelligent paperless conference and office teaching.

Our service slogan: Ten years of focus, source manufacturers, independent research and development, exclusive customization, smooth and stable, environmentally friendly and green, good reputation, value-added services, help you build your own brand and overall solutions! Welcome to discuss cooperation! Paperless conference system, hand-in-hand conference system, intelligent central control system, distributed visualization system, there is always one for you!