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In a distributed system, a group of independent computers presents a unified whole to users, just like a system. The system has a variety of general physical and logical resources, which can dynamically allocate tasks, and the scattered physical and logical resources can exchange information through a computer network.
The remote video conference system is a multimedia communication technology that allows people in different places to achieve "real-time, visual, and interactive" through a certain transmission medium. It can distribute the static and dynamic images, voice, text, pictures and other information of characters to the terminal equipment of each user through various existing electrical communication transmission media, so that users who are geographically dispersed can gather together.
Large-screen display systems are widely used in communications, electric power, and military command organizations, and play an important role in providing shared information, decision support, situation display, and BSV LCD splicing split screen display.
The sound reinforcement system is usually a system that amplifies the speaker's voice in real time to the listener. The speaker and the listener are usually in the same acoustic environment. A successful sound reinforcement system must have sufficient loudness (sufficient sound gain) and sufficient reduction (low loss of speech consonant reduction percentage), and can make the sound evenly cover the listener, but at the same time not cover the area without listeners .

With people¡¯s requirements for office meeting environment and equipment, technology and intelligence have gradually become the primary elements of office meetings. Junnan Audiovisual has designed a set of centralized control system for this purpose, which can achieve centralized control of lights, machines, projection and Audio and video are integrated to provide users with a simple and direct control interface, so that users can easily grasp the status and functions of each device in the entire space environment, and solve cumbersome operation problems.
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