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Traditional conference PK paperless conference

Traditional meetings have poor flexibility. In ad hoc or emergency meetings, or when there is a change of personnel, preparations are often insufficient. Not only do you need to manually adjust the list, but even hand-written notes and name tags will also occur; the confidentiality of the meeting is poor, and the traditional meeting confidential information After printing, it is difficult to destroy in time, and the confidentiality of the meeting is difficult to guarantee; the traditional meeting information sharing effect is poor, and it is impossible to ensure that the participants receive the information accurately; the traditional meeting format is increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern meetings, with a large number of meetings and complicated meeting materials. The problem of low efficiency in meeting decision-making has become a common problem in traditional meetings. If it is said that the new things of paperless meetings in the past can only be decorated by people who cannot use them, the paperless meeting systems are now widely used.

Paperless conference is a brand-new conference mode that has become popular in the industry in recent years. There are many excellent paperless conference system companies before and after the conference, which integrates various intelligent communication technologies, audio technologies, video technologies and software technologies. Before and after the conference, the electronic exchange of documents provides users with a very convenient and efficient conference platform, and also brings a brand-new conference experience. The paperless conference system is far more than realizing the paperless conference, but also satisfies the traditional meaning. All kinds of signals free interaction and interconnection functions in the multi-functional meeting room.

Paperless meeting

The paperless conference terminal provides powerful conference application functions, including conference file upload, conference agenda, text communication, agenda document viewing and annotation, conference sign-in, voting, electronic whiteboard, presentation follow-up, tea service, meeting records, The large-screen display has the characteristics of rich functions, simple and intuitive interface, convenient operation, stable and reliable, etc.

There are several types of paperless conference system series:
1. Non-chemical conference system;
2. Paperless conference software;
3. Paperless central server;
4. Ultra-thin LCD lifter';
5. Electronic table cards;
6. Sound reinforcement system;

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