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Name:Network type central control host

Mainly used to control conference equipment, please contact customer service for details

Tel: 020-62117048

◐Using a new generation of American ARM11 industrial-grade embedded processing chip, a 32-bit embedded processor with a main frequency of 700Mhz, built-in 256M memory and 1G storage FLASH, can run complex control instructions at high speed;

  ◐ Provide open C language programmable control platform, humanized Chinese operation interface and interactive control structure, support IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system, KONSETON special screen and other system control terminals;
  ◐ Equipped with a set of RS-232, IR, digital input and relay control ports to support integrated control of third-party devices;
  ◐Support 8-channel weak current relay RELAY OUT interface, digital input / output IO interface, can be expanded to 256 channels;